Terms of Participation

Terms Of Participation

TTS AWARD 2015October – December


1.1. The “TTS AWARD“ video contest is conducted by the Tamasu Butterfly Europa GmbH (hereinafter referred to as TBE), Am Schürmannshütt 30h, 47441 Moers, Deutschland. In cooperation with EditingSports (hereinafter referred as ESP), Emil Rantatulkkila, Helsinki, Finland.

1.2. This video contest is only open to participants aged 18 years or over. Employees or anyone professionally associated with TBE or ESP are not eligible to participate in the competition.

1.3. By sending an email to media@editingsports.com  the participant agrees to comply with the following Terms and Conditions.

1.4. The submitted video has to be filmed by the contestant himself or herself.

1.5. Each participant and sender of a video link assures TBE and ESP  with transmission of the link that the linked or attached video submission does not infringe upon or violate any laws, terms and policies or third-party rights, in particular copyrights and trademark rights as well as personal rights. The sender assures that he owns the rights to the video, all the people appearing in the video have given their permission for the video to be published and it does not feature any minors (persons under the age of 18) unless formal consent has been given by a parent or legal guardian. Signed consent must be sent with the email as an attachment in a standard scanned format. In the case of any speculation regarding the infringement or violation of these rules, TBE and ESP reserve the right not to publish and to exclude any video files or video links submitted for this competition without stating a reason.

The entrant is liable to TBE and/or ESP for compensation for any damages which may be incurred through the submission and publication of the video. The entrant also exempts TBE and ESP from any third party claims which may arise as a result of the video submitted..

1.6. Submitted videos will become property of EditingSports and Butterfly who will fully own the exclusive rights of use to the videos. Exclusivity means that you can’t give the rights or allow anyone else to do the things that you allow ESP/TBE to do in this Terms of Participation. Therefore, it is not allowed to participate on other contests with the same submission/video clip nor submit the clip to anybody else.

1.7. The winning video will be determined by the votes of the Jury and the “audience’s voice”. The video with the most votes wins. The votes will consist of one vote of ESP, one vote of TBE, one vote of Piing Of Power and one vote of users who “likes” their favorite video on TTS AWARD’s Youtube-channel. In the case of a tie, a draw will take place to determine the winner.

Prize winners will be determined by the fifth working day of the following month and winners notified by email by the tenth working day of the following month.

Notification emails will be sent to the email addresses registered when entering the competition. Following the notification of their win, all winners will be requested to provide their contact details and other relevant information so that the prize can be packed and delivered. If there is no reply to the notification email after 10 working days or if the notification email is undeliverable within the same period of time, the prize will expire

The judge´s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the outcome of the draw. Prizes cannot be redeemed for cash. Prizes received are for personal use only.

1.8. The prizes are introduced on the contest’s main article on Butterflymag with an approximate retail value. The ARV of the prizes in this second contest is about 250 Euros. The prizes are not transferable or exchangeable for cash, credit or in kind. The prizes will be shipped to the winners by Butterfly.

1.9. The last day to submit your video for this first contest is 18th of December 2015. Videos submitted afterwards will be competing in the next contest which will start the 1st of January 2015. The TTS AWARD is an ongoing yearly event consisting of several contests covering 2 or 3 months each.

1.10. The end date of the contest is December 31, 2015, after the winners have been announced.

1.11. The competition has no connection with Youtube/Google and is in no way sponsored, supported or organized by Youtube./Google The recipient of all information provided by the participant is ESP and TBE. Any third-party website which is used for this contest’s promotion, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or G+, is not involved in this contest.

1.12. All personal information provided by the participant will be used solely for the purposes of the competition and will not be passed on to third parties other than for sending out prizes. As soon as the prizes have been determined and delivered for each respective month, personal data will be deleted immediately.

1.13. Submitted videos will become property of EditingSports and Butterfly who will fully own the exclusive rights of use to the videos. BTY and ESP have all the rights to monetize the clips and license the submitted clip exclusively world-widely.

1.14. EditingSports and Butterfly makes all the final decisions concerning the contest rules and keeps all rights to the submitted videos.

1.15. By participating the entrant agrees to release BTY’s and ESP’s Youtube-channels from claims he or she has on the submitted content.


2.1. The audience has one of the four deciding votes for the “TTS AWARD” video contest. TBE, ESP and Piing of Power have each one of the remaining four votes.

2.2. The voice of the audience will be determined by the amount of Youtube video “likes” that the submitted and shortlisted videos gets on TTS AWARD’s Youtube-channel. The video with the most “likes” gets the voice of the audience.

2.3. The voice of the audience is determined solely by the video “likes”. “Dislikes” on the Youtube videos does not affect the voice of the audience.

2.4. In case TBE and ESP suspect malicious activity, such as spamming, concerning the voice of the audience, TBE and ESP reserve the rights to make the final decision about the voice of the audience.


3.1. BTY and ESP will look through all of the submissions sent via e-mail to media@editingsports.com. BTY and ESP will decide a shortlist containing up to 15 submissions and upload them to TTS AWARD Youtube-channel.

3.2. The announcement of the three winners will be done with a video uploaded on TamasuBUTTERFLY Youtube-channel at the end of the contest time. In addition of the three winners’ clips, this video will also include up to seven other submissions picked from the shortlisted videos to make a “TOP”-video of the contest.

3.3. Some of the submissions will additionally be uploaded on EditingSports Youtube-channel.


4.1. You acknowledge that you give us exclusive rights to the submitted video, and realize that you can’t give anyone else the same rights regarding the submitted video that you give us in this agreement.

4.2. If the submitted video cause TBE and ESP any loss because of any unlawful content or because you are in breach of this agreement (such as not having all rights to allow us to upload your clip), you may be required to compensate it.

4.3. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of  Germany and you agree that the courts of Germany shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with this agreement.

4.4. By sending a submission via e-mail to media@editingsports.com you accept all the terms and rules that are written in this agreement.