The Butterfly MITO range combines high quality lightweight material with extreme comfort, giving  you the best modern fit possible. The MITO range features fashionable colours that harmonise together to create a modern yet timeless look and feel.


MITO embodies comfort. Its lightweight, ultra-comfortable “Stretch Terry” Melange material gives you functional flexibility and makes the Suit MITO a perfect fit for both regeneration after a workout and leisure activity. The Suit MITO has a modern fit and features a subtle colour mix, slim legs and hoody.


The slanted collar underlines the dynamic fit of the MITO shirt. Made from the ultra-comfortable Lycra Material melange, MITO gives lightness and flexibility during exercise and has a timeless look with harmonising colours.


This fashionable, functional skirt features highly comfortable tapered fit using elastic material. The inner panties provide maximum flexibility giving maximum comfort.


Otherwise identical to T-SHIRT MITO, the MITO LADY features a new colour scheme and a tapered ladies’ cut.

Butterfly MITO clothing range video

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