This is the third article in the Ask a Butterfly Pro Anything series, this is where table tennis fans have the opportunity to ask one of our Butterfly Pro’s any question they would like. This week’s article features Egyptian star and World number 17 (January 2018) Omar Assar. Omar is also the current African number one and one of the most successful African table tennis players of all time.

Last week we asked  Butterfly Instagram followers to send in their questions to Omar. We have picked 20 of the best ones and these are his answers:


@ichbinmati_tt asks: At what age did you start playing?

“I started table tennis when I was 4 years old in Decouk club in Egypt.”


@gabriel_moreira10 asks: Why did you start playing?

“I started playing because I born in a city where table tennis was so famous, so I wanted to play in the city team (Decouk city)”


@hussainali1121 asks: Why did you chose table tennis as your career?

“I have chosen table tennis because it is the only thing I do with full passion, love and emotion at the same also I can’t wait to wake up every day to play table tennis.”


@rynhong0930 asks: What do you like most about table tennis?

“I love table tennis as you get what you put in, in terms of training and rewards!”


@danny_photography2580 asks: What was your first custom rubber and blade setup?

“My first racket was Mazunov Blade with Sliver FX on both sides.”


@official_saatvik asks: Why do you choose Butterfly rubbers and blades?

“I always have used Butterfly even before becoming a Butterfly Sponsored player, I believe Butterfly cares about players so they have always best quality.”


@arjun12.aps asks: Omar which rubber do you use on your racket?

“I use Tenergy 05 on both sides.”


@_pejaaaa_ asks: Why did you decide to play with Timo Boll ALC?

“Timo Boll Blade has a good combination between speed and control.”


@neetsgnirps asks: What tricks do you have to deal with high pressure game situations?

“I try to breath normally and not to think too much, which is not easy.”


@omarbaig2001 asks: What was your most memorable moment in your career and what are your goals for 2018?

“One of my best moments was when I became the first Egyptian to win the African games in 2011. My goal for 2028 is to become a top 10 player.”


@furkanbayram53 asks: What was your favourite match you’ve ever played in?

“I like to watch my match in the China junior open final in 2009. I did very well, and I won the title.”


@rxmxnhere asks: What is your favourite serve?

“I like to use back spin, flat serve.”


@kaj0591 asks: Who has the best serve in the world in your opinion?

“I think Butterfly player Noshad Alamian has a very good Serve.”


@_hector_pereira_ asks: Hi Omar, what is your height?

“My height is 194 CM.”


@pingisdemme asks: How do you have to adapt as you are so tall?

“As I am tall player I am always working to be fit and fast. Also, I am training to improve my middle-distance game.”


@omarmaged2 asks: why do you think that Egyptians have this unique backhand drive technique and what are the pros and cons?

“I think the traditional game in Egypt is to have a good feeling and good Backhand it is very similar to the European school, that was one of the reason that I always like to practice in China to learn more.”


@chaimayfoo asks: Do you ever listen to music before you play? If so which is your favourite song for motivation?

“I do listen to music but not before the matches. I like to listen to Arabic Pop music, I also like Unstoppable today by SIA”


@tuxedopong asks: How do you feel about playing doubles?

“I am enjoying playing doubles with Aruna Quadri and Butterfly player  Khaled Assar also I love playing mixed doubles with the African champion and another Butterfly player Dina Meshref , she has a great feeling.”


@brunoilq9 asks: As a top player, do you feel a lot of pressure each year to improve your ITTF ranking?

“I don’t see it as a pressure. I believe my career is like a book and I am getting more and more excited with each chapter. So, every season is a new chapter.” 


@Eugen.susanto asks: Why do you make loud noises in topspin rallies, and does this help you?

“This is one of the things that I want to change! I mean to be calmer during the point in General I think it will save my energy in the right way.”


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