This is the second article in the Butterfly ask a pro series, this is where table tennis fans have the opportunity to ask one of our Butterfly Pro’s any question they would like. This week in the spotlight is Swedish star and World number 22 (January 2018) Kristian Karlsson. Kristian currently represents, the current German Bundesliga and German Cup Champions, Borrusia Dusseldorf, who are also sponsored by Butterfly.

Last week we asked  Butterfly Instagram followers to send in their questions to Kristian. We have picked 20 of the best ones and these are his answers:


@Laurent_tt06 asks: At what age did you start table tennis?

“I was 8 years old when I played table tennis for the first time, back in my home country of Sweden.”


@peter_smallacombe_03 asks: Who was your table tennis idol growing up?

“My early table tennis heroes were Timo Boll and Jörgen Persson”


@official_saatvik asks: Why did you chose table tennis?

“I liked many sports when I was young but finally choose table tennis because I simply liked the sport the most.”


@theoabbt asks: Were you always the best player in your club/area when you were younger?

“I was never the best in my area or club growing up. I never took gold In cadet or junior classes in Swedish championship, I only won my first championship when I was a senior.”



@kosheen_z_ asks: What if not table tennis?

“I think I would be an engineer or game designer.”


@Siimarak2 asks: Which football club do you support?

“Hull city in English second league.”


@notaboxofjuice asks: You are trapped on a desert island with one other table tennis player. Who would you want that to be?

“It would have to be Benedict Duda.”


@omarbaig2001 asks: What are your goals for 2018?

“My biggest goal for 2018 is to take a medal at my home World Championships in Halmstad, Sweden.”



@_a_y_u_18_ asks: What was the biggest breakthrough moment in your career?

“I think my biggest breakthrough moment in my career was when we won champions League with my former club Pontoise Cergy.”


@eraj.nasriddivov00 asks: Who is your toughest opponent?

“Mattias översjö is my toughest opponent ever. We have counted and in the 91 times we have played I have only won 6 times and he has won 85.”


@Alicia.drn2203 asks: What are your main goals for your table tennis career?

“My main goal was to be top 20 in the world since I was 15. So, I hope to get there so I can reach for new heights. I feel like this will be another breakthrough for me.”


@mxakn_ asks: Why did you chose to play for Dusseldorf?

“I choose Dusseldorf because I think they have the best environment in Europe to evolve and improve at table tennis.”


@Ashutosh125 asks: How do you feel playing with Timo Boll in Borrussia Dusseldorf?

“It is amazing to get to call Timo your teammate, especially as he was my hero growing up.”



@wallflowerfoundacamera asks: Have you got a tip for perfecting footwork?

“There is no secret, like most things in table tennis it’s just practice, practice, practice.”


@Vijard asks: Is contacting the ball before the peak of the bounce an expert level or just a style of play?

“I think that depends on the ball you are trying to receive and against which opponent you are up against.”


@davidli3100 asks: What is the best way to have add spin to your serve without losing consistency?

“Try to use more of your body movement and not only arm.”


@franciscomassin asks: What do you think of the new ITTF world ranking system?

“I think ITTF rushed the new ranking a bit and it will take some time for it to stabilise.”


@Steadygaze asks: Do you think they should bring back the rule where you could hide your serves?

“No I don’t think that they should bring back the old serve rule again, the game have developed too much and players will have too strong services if they can hide it even more.”


@ryanhong0930 asks: What equipment do you use?

“I use Korbel SK7 as a blade and Tenergy 05 for rubbers.”


@i_was_named_nghaka asks: Why do you chose Butterfly rubber?

“I think Butterfly have the best all-round equipment for table tennis and I am happy to represent them.”



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