The World Championships are finished — and our winning game is finished too. Thanks a lot for your participation – we are glad about a really amazing response!


Thanks to everybody who participated and contratulations to the winners! The lucky ones are:


Stefan Andersson won the VISCARIA handsigned by Liam PITCHFORD


Sascha Jensen won the APOLONIA ZLC handsigned by Tiago APOLONIA


Hayden Gruby won the MARCOS FREITAS ALC handsigned by Marcos FREITAS


Verena Glasner won the MIZUTANI JUN ZLC handsigned by Jun MIZUTANI


Ondrej Horak won the ZHANG JIKE SZLC handsigned by Zhang JIKE


Vytautas Jonusas won the FUKUHARA AI PRO ZLF handsigned by Ai FUKUHARA


Matteo Gautier won the TIMO BOLL ALC handsigned by Timo BOLL


We are looking forward to posting your selfies with your new blades!

June 5

The last price for our lottery: TIMO BOLL ALC ST – signed by Timo Boll!

To win today’s price, simply send a mail with the subject line “Timo’s ALC” to . With sending the mail you confirm to have read and accepted the conditions of participating. Only mails sent until June 5, 23:59 EST will be accepted.

The blade of Timo Boll

The TIMO BOLL ALC is a classic blade in the Butterfly line-up. Typical for Arylate-Carbon blades, it features a medium-hard touch, plays dynamically and precise and offers a fine touch for any spin-oriented playing style.

5-ply + 2 ALC

Find the TIMO BOLL ALC ST in our online-shops:



International – other countries:

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Englisch & all other languages:

Roadmap for our blade lottery:

Monday, 29.05 – MARCOS FREITAS ALC – already won

Tuesday, 30.05 – APOLONIA ZLC – already won

Wednesday, 31.05 – LIU SHIWEN ST – already won

Thursday, June 1st – VISCARIA FL – already won

Friday, June 2nd – MIZUTANI JUN ZLC ST – already won

Saturday, June 3rd – ZHANG JIKE SUPER ZLC ST – already won

Sunday, June 4th – FUKUHARA AI Pro ST – already won

Monday, June 5th – TIMO BOLL ALC ST


— END —

About The Author


From Kindergarden to University he was standing at the table highly ambitious. Today the copywriter and Japanese-translator is sitting at the table – but not less ambitiously facing up all topics moving the world of table tennis for the Butterfly online marketing.

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13 Responses

  1. Apelles

    Wow this is going to be interesting…I hope I win one

  2. Emilio

    Wonderful contest, I hope to be among the winners!!! Thanks

  3. Bertrand

    Just wonder is there any email address look like this “” ? How to participate ?

  4. Athish

    Did Any one Get the confirmation mail ?
    And where is the list of ply which people won the last ply ?


  5. António Medeiros

    A Butterfly é a melhor marca a nível de borrachas e madeiras eu uso Ternergy 05 há 3 anos e não quero mudar
    Só falta a madeira BUTTERFLY Boll ALC

    • Greco

      That’s not true, i won the Liu Shiwen ST, the staff of butterflymag sent me an email the next day, they answered my emails and even gave me the tracking number (and paid the shipping to my place).
      The blade hasn’t arrived yet, but everything looks just fine.