Destination Halmstad is the host for the World Team Championships (WTTC 2018) to be staged in the Swedish city of Halmstad – supported thoroughly by Butterfly. Not at least to create awareness of the Championships beyond the table tennis community “Destination Halmstad” and the “Swedish Table Tennis Association”, the organizers of the WTTC2018,  launched a very special and ambitious endeavour – PING PONG POWER. (Written by Ian Marschall)

Increasingly the health benefits of table tennis are being realised; in addition to being an excellent form of exercise, it´s acknowledged by many as an effective treatment against Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases.  Destination Halmstad has quickly recognized not only the worthiness of table tennis in this sense but also the benefits regarding the promotion of the World Team Championships 2018 towards a broad audience.

Kristian Karlsson, Matilda Ekholm, Anton Källberg

Kristian Karlsson, Matilda Ekholm, Anton Källberg

Johan Lundberg, CEO of “Destination Halmstad” states:

“From the point of accepting the challenge to host this amazing event, it has been really important to create an inviting and sustainable Championships for everyone, not limited only to the “table tennis family”.

Less than one year to go before the first ball is hit in anger at WTTC2018, Ping Power has already been most active and enterprising initiatives have proved successful. Alongside with Johan Lundberg, Thomas Buza is one of the major forces behind “PING PONG POWER”.

“Since the start we have undertaken several activities. We are fully convinced that table tennis is a perfect way towards better health; the fact that everybody can play makes it even better. Table tennis is also very inclusive in the sense that it is one of the less expensive sports you can exercise. We also believe that it can work as a bridge into society for people from other cultures, such as asylum seekers. An example of activities completed has been the organisation of lunch training sessions where all the 8,000 employees in the municipality of Halmstad were invited.”

Beyond this, the idea is to place table tennis tables in schools, asylum locations, kindergartens, recreation centres, public places and so forth.

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