„Thank you, India!”, something the Butterfly Players Tomokazu HARIMOTO and Mathilda EKHOLM might have thought after their performance at the India Open 2017. Their performance indeed was sensational, even though both players placed 2nd in their respective competitions.

Ovtcharov wins – Harimoto with fantastic performance

Dimitrij Ovtcharov, Tomokazu Harimoto

The top seeded Dimitrij Ovtcharov proved impossible to stop at the Seamaster India Open 2017 in Dew Delhi. His opponent in the finals was a player only very few would have guessed to advance so far: The 13 year-old japanese junior world champion and No. 69 in the world ranking Tomokazu Harimoto,  once again surprised the world of table tennis. 

On his march to the finals, he overcame more seasoned and higher ranked players by the numbers. Alvaro ROBLES (WR 102), Asuka SAKAI, European Team Champion Robert GARDOS (WR 46) and local hero Sharath Kamal ACHANTA (WR 62), who had played a great tournament in front of his home crowd.

The schedule of Harimoto so far remains unimpaired by league play, although he started playing international tournaments on a regular basis, while living and training in the National Training Center in Tokio, alongside top japanese and international players. Harimoto uses TENERGY 05 FX  on his backhand side, he recently switched his forehand from TENERGY 80 to TENERGY 05. He also uses a Butterfly Arylate Carbon blade.

we are looking forward to seeing him play in the future. Keep going, Tomokazu!

Here is the nail-biting match between Harimoto and Achanta:

Despite having problems with Ovtcharov’s serve, Harimoto overall played a great match in the finals too:

Congratulations to Mathilda Ekholm!

The swedish Butterfly star once again played a strong tournament in New Delhi. She won silver in the singles competition and gold in the doubles alongside Georgina Pota of Hungary.

This is the fantastic finals match beween Ekholm and Mori of Japan, where Mathilda was able to equalize after trailing 1-3 in games:


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