The 18th World Veteran Table Tennis Championships opend this Monday in Alicante, Spain, and turned out to be an event of superlatives.

All wishes, hopes or maybe even prayers of Miguel Ángel Machado, the president of the Royal Spanish Table Tennis Federation, have been fulfilled so far. Because the previous subscriber-record of 3650 participants (World Veteran Championships 2006 in Bremen, Germany) was not only surpassed but pulverised.

„More than 4400 participants, 300 tables,  30,000 square meters, 100% feel-good ambience”

Here you find some first impressions from our colleagues at the venue. Further photos and news will follow here.

IFA Exhibition Centre

Table Tennis fans from nearly 80 countries keeping the IFA Exhibition Centre occupied and competing for the World Championship

Even real big fishes take part: HE Zhi Wen – still WR 85 at the age of 53


Always close when top equipment is needed: the Butterfly stand

Always close when top equipment is needed: the Butterfly stand


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