The moment we have all been waiting for is here! The very first TTS Award contest (August – September) has come to an end and the 3 winners are revealed in the video below!

Thank you to everybody for participating, we enjoyed all of your submissions very much —and we are looking forward to many new video submissions for the next and 2nd contest (OCT – DEC 2015).

The winners

The 3 winners were chosen by the contest’s Jury consisting of 1 vote from Butterfly, 1 vote from EditingSports, 1 vote from Piing of Power and 1 Audience vote. Each Jury member told their Top-3 vote order. All the votes were then calculated together, and the video with the most 1st place votes won!

Click here to have a look at what prizes the winners have won and what’s behind the TTS AWARD.

Click the video to enjoy the rallies and read  the Jury’s comments below!

The Audience vote

The Youtube video with the most “likes” got the Audience vote. In this first TTS Award it was the “Jimmy & Emily”-video to get the most “likes” — and the “audience vote” thereby.


Editing Sports avatarEditingSports’ vote

1.  Calum Morrison

A very cool and unique table tennis serve! It reminded us of the Asuka Sakai serve that went viral some years ago. This is exactly the kind of stuff that we hope to see in the TTS Award; the serve is a cool trick shot and can also be seen as the the top shot of the match! Well done Calum!

2. Jimmy & Emily

This is such a nice video! Being able to do those tricks is hard for anybody – but here they are done by children in the age of 6 and 11! That’s amazing! It’s awesome to see that Jimmy and Emily are enjoying the sport and mixing up the real training with some fun like this! Congratulations!

3. Marc Schinkel

Great around the net and top shot in a real match situation! The reaction of the opponent shows how unpredictable and awesome the shot was. Good job Marc!


logo_PoP_smallPiing of Power’s vote

1.  Calum Morrison

Never give up. No matter what the score is. If you can produce Magic, you produce Magic! That’s what Calum proved us with this unbeliavable Service shot.. and thats how he got to be our Number 1!

2. Edu Solsena 3

Three entries for Edu Solsona, one better than the other. How many hours must have gone into filming for the TTA Award? We certainly appreciate the awesome shots and reward it with this month’s number 2!

3. Jimmy & Emily

What is there not to like when young kids enjoy table tennis? And just look at those precise shots! When we were 6, we didn’t even know how to hold a racket!

butterfly_AppButterfly’s vote

1. Calum Morrisson 1
Not only a surprising and talented shot telling much about the lust for the sport – but also a great sense of humor proven by Calums’ opponent. It’s a pleasure to witness this moment.

2. Jimmy & Emily
The idea of this trick shot might not be new. But the execution and the loveliness of this 2 kids is moving our hearts — as well as the hours of training they have invested to succeed in this shot.

3. Marc Schinkel
Well-performed top shot around the net. Action and reaction of the opponent create  a great moment full of sporting spirit.

Got excited? Get serious!

Did YOU get excited about the video and the first TTS Award contest? If yes, be sure to participate in the next contest! The 2nd TTS Award contest will begin on 5th October and cover the months October, November and December! The contest will again see 3 winners who are going to win some awesome Butterfly products! Join in the table tennis video community and submit your clips! Read more about how to submit your clips here!:

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