TTS-AWARD_logo_small_noMonthOur greatest respect to what the very first participants of the “TTS AWARD – Tricks & Top Shots” very first video-contest in August-September filmed and cutted.

A great fun for all of us and creating appetite for more — but now let’s get serious. 🙂

Until September 9: Vote now which video should win!

Which clip should win not only the public’s attention but nice Butterfly prizes, too? To decide on this, just visit our  Youtube-Channel for the TTS AWARD to have a look at all 9 clips — and “like” your favourite one.

The winners will be thankful for your vote. Because the video with the most Youtube likes will get the “audience vote” which is one of the four deciding votes in the contest. The remaining three votes are cast to the jury, consisting of (Butterfly, EditingSports, and Piing of Power).

As a beginning start with the first of nine video clips here, enjoy the other clips on Youtube  — and don’t miss to “like” your favourite one.

The winners will be announced in a special video on butterflymag.

And what happens next?

Remember: The TTS AWARD is a contest which is conducted continuously! If you have a clip and would like to try and win some cool prizes, don’t forget to participate in the next contest starting the 5th of October! The table tennis world is waiting for you! Click here to find out more about the TTS AWARD and how to participate.

Looking forward to YOUR trick or top shot!

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From Kindergarden to University he was standing at the table highly ambitious. Today the copywriter and Japanese-translator is sitting at the table – but not less ambitiously facing up all topics moving the world of table tennis for the Butterfly online marketing.

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