In table tennis with its fast sidesteps and jumps, a firm stance is paramount. For any player, the shoe constitutes the foundation (quite literally!) for every movement. Therefore, selecting a shoe should be a thorough consideration, balancing shock-dampening, grip of the sole, stability and weight of the shoe.

Professional players, training for hours on end each day need to have the perfect shoe. Superstar Timo Boll has been a top ranked player for more than 10 years, so he should know best.  He is using the new Butterfly LEZOLINE TB shoe for some time – and could not be happier.

Lezoline TB in Action (World Cup 2014)

During Training, Timo runs, jumps and turns at the table every day, always striving to achieve the optimal position for each ball. To gain stability and grip, as well as lower the risk for injury, he requires a good training shoe.

For some months, he uses the new LEZOLINE TB  – the newest high-end product from Butterfly. This shoe is tailored specifically to the demands of table tennis players – it provides shock-absorption, rigity and reduced weight. We had the chance to ask Timo a few questions about his new training partner, which helped him in achieving his great performance at the World Cup 2014 in Düsseldorf.

Timo, in your opinion: what makes a great shoe?

Well a really good shoe has to be lightweight, provides excellent grip and stability. It also has to be durable and keep its properties for a prolonged time.

How important are shoes in table tennis?

Very important! Your whole performance depends on these small and quick steps, which can drive shoes to their limit. With the LEZOLINE TB, quick steps and turns are perfectly easy.


modern and streamlined design

How do you like the design and form of the new shoe?

The Lezoline stands out for sure! I think it has a very modern and streamlined design. The form – and fit – are perfect for my feet, it fits firmly but I do not have the feeling of being too closed in.

So is LEZOLINE TB an improvement for your game?

The shoe has to become the extension of my body. With LEZOLINE TB, I do not register the shoe separately when moving – a good sign for a perfect shoe.


Grip and durability – the sole


How long do you use a single pair of shoes?

I am using my first pair of LEZOLINE TB for 10 months now, which is a crazy long time for a professional player! Top players usually use a pair of shoes for 2, maximum 3 months with normal training regiment. We should remember that the orange playing floor acts just like sandpaper, so the shoes tend to lose their grip much quicker.

Below is a video of LEZOLINE TB in action: Timo Boll is using it in the match for 3rd place at the World Cup 2014 in Düsseldorf. LEZOLINE TB helps him with his firm and stable stance.

LEZOLINE TB is available in two colors at you authorized Butterfly distributor or in the Butterfly e-Shop






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Seb has succeeded in living his passion for table tennis. A long-time player, he connected to professional table tennis as commentator for the ITTF, travelling to top events such as World Championships and reporting live from the action. In 2014, Seb became part of the Butterfly Team, working in international Sales and Marketing at Butterfly Europe in Germany.

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