After intensive development work, Butterfly is ready to introduce the all-new EASY BALL 40+ – MADE IN GERMANY – to the market.

A well-rounded pleasure

The change to celluloid-free balls has undeniably posed quality problems to the traditional ball suppliers. Balls currently on the market face issues in terms of roundness and durability. But more and more, polyballs are established in professional table tennis — at an international level. The experience in supplying professional leagues like the french “proA” or the German “Bundesliga”has prompted Butterfly to start developing its own plastic balls for school sports, youth and club training.

High ambition – low price

Rüdiger von Berg

Rüdiger von Berg

„The production demands to a plastic ball, that aims to compete with 3 star balls in terms of playing characteristics, but also has to be afforably priced as well as durable and stable, is very high.” says Rüdiger von Berg, Sales Director of Tamasu Butterfly Europa GmbH. “The EASY BALL 40+ fits this role admirably.” In joint development with a notable German manufacturer for high-quality plastic products, Butterfly developed a series of new plastic balls – starting with the EASY BALL 40+. This ball, made from completely different material compared to other balls, convinces not only by the affordable price, but also with high stability and a homogenous bounce with exact spin transmission.  Its perfectly suited to youth- or club training, and training with the AMICUS robot.

Special offer &  win 20.000 boxes of 6!

EasyBall_BoxOf120To the occasion! Regular price for a box of 120 Balls is 59,90 € and 3,90 € for a box of 6. Butterfly starts worldwide distribution with two special offers: Box of 120 EASY Balls for 49,90 € – valid until June 30th. Regular sales through Butterfly Stores or the Online-Shop start in May 2015.

If you want to check out the new EASY BALL before that date, Butterfly offers the chance to win a free box of 6 balls in an online scratch game.

bty_MAG_easyBall02_enScratch 6 EASY BALLS to win 6, with your smartphone or computer on

20.0000 free packs of 6 will be drawn from all winners at random.

(Translation by Sebastian Hallen)





Online-Scratch game



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From Kindergarden to University he was standing at the table highly ambitious. Today the copywriter and Japanese-translator is sitting at the table – but not less ambitiously facing up all topics moving the world of table tennis for the Butterfly online marketing.

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5 Responses

  1. João Manuel Flores Santos

    Butterfly five stars on quality of table tennis

  2. Ian Hull-Brown

    I have found the six ball scratch card but do not know where to find the form??

    • Frank

      Dear Ian,

      you have to scratch free all scratch-fields up to at least 50%. Latestly when doing this for the third time, you should find 6 right balles – as soon as you did so, the participation-form appears automatically.

      Good luck!

  3. Ian Hull-Brown

    OK the form came up when I uncovered more of the balls.
    But New Zealand does not exist on you list of countries.
    Never mind it was a nice try.
    Thank you for the opportunity.
    Cheers and best wishes with your ball.

  4. Spiros

    I really cannot understand how this scratch game works. Could you please give an example?