BOR_Signet_mit Claim_SMALLGerman Champion once again, congratulations and salutations to “our“ team Borussia Düsseldorf!

What a perfect anniversary, this 26th national title and the ten years of cooperation between  one of the most successful clubs in European table tennis and their sponsor Butterfly!

TTBL Finale 2014

Foto by Simon Fabig

Not only do we pay our respects to this amazing  title, but also to all national and international successes in recent years and to the cooperation itself – a cooperation that paid off: Winning the “triple” (German Champion, Champions League, German League tournament) for the second time in 2011! No club in Germany has ever been able to do just that.

Mit dem WM-Dritten Timo Boll an der Spitze hat Tischtennis-Rekordchampion Borussia Düsseldorf deutsche Sportgeschichte geschrieben. Die Rheinländer machten im Finalrückspiel um die deutsche Meisterschaft gegen die TTF Ochsenhausen durch ein 3:2 (Hinspiel: 3:1) nach ihren vorherigen Erfolgen im deutschen Pokal und in der Champions League zum zweiten Mal in Serie das Triple perfekt. Vor dem Zittererfolg des nunmehr 24-maligen Meister hatte noch kein Klub im deutschen Sport seine Triumphe in den beiden nationalen Konkurrenzen sowie in Europas wichtigstem Vereinswettbewerb im folgenden Jahr wiederholen können.Borussia Düsseldorf wiederholt „Triple“ | – Lesen Sie mehr auf:

Not only the big triumphs are astonishing: It’s always been this consistent high-class table tennis that we have come to appreciate from Borussia Düsseldorf over the years. We know well how hard it is to get to the top – and how much harder it is to stay there.

TTBL Finale 2014

Foto by Simon Fabig

The goal of Borussia Düsseldorf has always been to achieve dreams, to aid and advance talented players, to risk greatness and stay grounded – with everyone involved: Players, coaches and Organizers.

So today, we find ourselves more closely connected than ever after 10 years of working together. We have witnessed first-hand the achievement of sporting goals and the constant look towards the future: Furthering talents such as Michael Maze, Lars Hielscher, Bastian Steger, Ricardo Walther.



Foto by Simon Fabig

And we keep on going: Dear Friends at Borussia Düsseldorf, we look forward to cooperating, to keep working together and to achieve greatness together with 3 Butterfly players on the team’s line-up for the next season!

But first let’s enjoy the great match between Timo Boll (Duesseldorf) and Wang Xi (Fulda) one more time and remember a very exciting Bundesliga-season.

Your Friends at Butterfly!







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