A new addition to the Tenergy Family: The brand new Tenergy 80 FX is now available!

14240065141_63e43dc50d_bThe Tenergy 80 FX has, in comparision to the Tenergy 80 a softer sponge (by 4°), which makes for a softer and more controlled touch and helps even when the ball is not hit 100% correctly.

In terms of spin and speed, the Tenergy 80 FX completes the palette of Tenergy rubbers. The gripping rubber of the Tenergy 80, with its specific pimples distance adds the well-known special Tenergy spin to each shot.

We recommend the Tenergy 80 FX to players looking for control and precision in their spin-oriented play, who are looking for a softer touch compared to the Tenergy 80.

The Tenergy 80 FX combines the spin of Tenergy 05 FX and the Speed and Explosiveness of Tenergy 64 FX, making powerplay close to the table and topspin play from the distance equally his preferred terrain.

For a live action review of Tenergy 80 FX, have a look at the equipment review from Table tennis Daily:


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