Asking similar questions to different players result in different answers, and provide a fascinating insight into each players’ mind. This Time, we were able to talk to Timo Boll on his visit in Düsseldorf. So we went ahead and asked the “10 Questions”.


Q1: How would you describe your character?

“I think I am rather quiet and shy.”

Timo Boll Manabu Nakagawa

Photo: Manabu


Q2 : Which country you visited did you like the most?

„Well, first of all I am very thankful that table tennis has provided me all these opportunities to visit a lot of different countries all over the world. It has been a great experience visiting all these countries.

Most notably though, I like visiting Japan. It is not only because of Butterfly, but I really like the cleanliness of the cities, the friendly people, the respectful interaction between everyone – and of course the great food!”

Q3 : What is your unique strength?         

„I would say my Topspin with heavy spin.“


Q4 : What has been your best match so far?

„It is difficult to name just one specific match. Some matches against different top Chinese players at different tournaments.”


Q5 : What has been your worst match so far?

„For sure the Quarter finals match at the olympics 2004 against Waldner“


Q6 : Whom of the other players do you like best?

„I have made many friends in table tennis over the years.”


Q7 : You have been with Butterfly for a long time. What is your opinion about the cooperation?

„I respect Butterfly’s high level of professionalism and honesty. I particularly enjoy not only working FOR Butterfly, but also WITH Butterfly.”


Q8 : Name some of your hobbies, what do you do in your spare time?

„I like watching movies at home, and playing tennis and golf. Also, reading.”


Q9 : What is your next big goal?

„My goal is still winning a Medal at the Olympic Games in the singles‘ division.“


Q10 : What does table tennis mean to you?

„I cannot imagine a life without table tennis.“


(Adaptation from Japanese Original by Frank Völler, Translation by Sebastian Hallen)


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Manabu Nakagawa is a publisher of “table tennis report”, the magazine founded by Hikosuke Tamasu (founder of Tamasu Co.) with a long standing tradition of 60 years. Manabu has been editor for 25 years, traveling all over the globe to cover tournaments such as the Olympic Games or World Championships, taking care of various aspects, such as coverage, photography, comments on technique in addition to conducting interviews.

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