New arrivals for the German „Bundesliga“ club Borussia Düsseldorf. The young German Patrick Franziska (22) and the experienced Panagiotis Gionis (33) complete the team of Timo Boll and Kamal Achanta for the next season, as ButterflyMAG reported. Let’s have a look at the young German Talent Patrick Franziska:

The European Champion in the Teams’ competition in Schwechat last October, Patrick Franziska of Germany continues to grow. He already is No. 33 in the World (at age 22), looking ahead. Together with Quentin Robinot and Tristan Flore, the European Junior Champion of 2010 is confirming his strength at a senior level. In the same vein is his spectacular transfer to Düsseldorf.

“I decided to join Düsseldorf because it is one of the best European clubs and of course I want to win titles with Borussia! I train in Düsseldorf on a regular basis and the conditions are very good, I even have an apartment there since summer of last year.”



For the second time in his young career, Franziska will play in the same team as his idol, Timo Boll.

“In fact, I live just 10km from Timo’s house in Höchst. I started playing in the club TSV Höchst, because my parents were also playing. Timo’s father was my first coaches.”

Two top 30 players in the world from the same local club, one has to turn back to the Saive brothers to find such an example in table tennis. Patrick was 10 years when he joined team Butterfly, “who are the best with rubbers and blades”, he adds.

At the European Championships in Austrias “Werner Schlager Academy”, Franziska managed to beat Chen Weixing, Simon Gauzy, Kirill Skachkov and Konstatinos Papageorgiou, stepping into the rather large footprints of the absent Timo Boll. And he did a fine job, showing maturity throughout the tournament. According to the German Director of the National Team, Dirk Schimmelpfennig, it was not owed to chance.

Bonus vidéo – Dirk SCHIMMELPFENNIG talks about Patrick Franziska

“During the EURO 2013, I tried to remain relaxed. I have felt much pressure previously and was sometimes too tense and timid. When I was younger, I had injuries that prevented me from playing at all. My secret now is to just enjoy it.”

The youngest German player in the national team comments on the atmosphere:

“We are all good friends, we see each other a lot and talk. For example Dima (Ovtcharov) gives me advice and information. He reassures me and encourages me to play my game.”

Franziska does not deny the rivalry:

“Bastian (Steger) was perhaps sad not to be nominated for the national Team at the EURO 2013, but he encouraged me in the end. Our team is confident and enjoys spending time together”, to watch –among others, football. “I love playing football and track matches, especially from my team FSV Mainz 05. They are neither Bayern nor Dortmund, but I love this team.”

Bonus video – Patrick FRANZISKA  admires Zinedine Zidane and Kalinikos KREANGA

For Franziska, the Olympics are definitely a goal, but the competition in Germany remains tough.

“With Timo and Dima, we have the two best players in Europe, #1 and #2, or the other way around! There is also Patrick Baum, Bastian Steger and Christian Suss, who is now back after his injury. But I try to look forward and we’ll see!”

Currently he is the no. 33 in the World, but his best ranking is still way ahead for the young German, and he himself is way ahead of his comrades in the juniors’ and Cadets’ teams, for example the French Quentin Robinot (Team Butterfly) and Tristan Flore and Simon Gauzy, although he lost to Gauzy in the Grand Finals in Dubai, but with a broad smile, the young Franziska admits to being good friends with the Simon and Quentin.

“The French and I are good friends, also are the Swedes. Last Summer, I was in Las Vegas with Mathias Oversjo.” In his trade however, Patrick Franziska does not rely on chance. His dedication, drive and ambition are the motors of his ascend.

Best-of Franziska – Achanta (Fulda-Mazerbell – Düsseldorf)

Best-of Franziska – Skachkov (Semi-finals Euro 2013)

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