For many he is the best player in the world. On his visit to Butterfly Headquarters, he was ready to answer some questions.


Zhang Jike_Trikot

Q1 : How would you describe your character?

“I think in a game situation I am somewhat of an attention seeker, but otherwise I would say I am quite sociable.”




Q2 : What country you visited did you like the most so far?

“France (Paris) and England (London), because my visit was rewarded with a gold medal.”


Q3 : What is your characteristic strength?

Zhang Jike high

“You might have to ask my opponents (laughs). But for sure, as a professional player it is important to know about your own strengths and weaknesses. The better you know yourself, the better you can understand your opponents. What sometimes gives me trouble is when an opponent knows my strengths and weaknesses, but I don’t know him at all. But overall I would say my physical fitness is my strength.”




Q4 : What was your best game so far?

“That has to be the semi-finals match against Timo Boll at the World Championships 2011 in Rotterdam. In my opinon, I have played the best table tennis I can play.

(Let’s have a look: )


Q5 : You have become famous for your emotional outbursts after you became World Champion and Olympic Champion. Was that planned at all? What can we expect in the future?

“No, that was not planned, quite a spontaneous reaction to the situation and the overall atmosphere. As for the next time: Let’s keep it a secret.”


Q6 : Your own dominance aside, why would you say china is leading the world of table tennis?

“This has to do with the structure and organisation in China. It is not only our players, but also the coaches, team managers, analysts and physical therapists that make up this strong infrastructure which leads to this dominance.”


Q7 : Whom of the other players do you like best?

“I would rather not answer this question.”


Q8 : You have been with Butterfly for a long time. What is your opinion about the cooperation?

“Butterfly actively takes care of the needs of their players, so they can fully focus on their game. In terms of research and development of new materials, I think there is no competitor comparable to Butterfly.”


Q9 : What is your next big goal?

“Winning the triple again!” (World Cup, World Championships, Olympics)


Q10 : What does table tennis mean to you?


 (Translation from Japanese Original by Frank Völler)

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