Butterfly was proud to present the new AMICUS robot in September 2013, with three prominent names in table tennis immediately starting their work with the machine: Michael Maze, Richard Prause and Sara Ramirez.

Meeting the demands of all players from entry level to professional, the new AMICUS robot suits them all. They are easy to use, to set up and lightweight (6kg) for easy transporting. AMICUS is able to play a maximum of 100 balls per minute, where as its ball head with 3 rollers and 4 options for height adjustment can produce anything from topspin, sidespin or backspin, whichever is needed. Even the top players in the world exercise regularly with AMICUS. Didn’t Michael Maze prepare for his comeback this way?

Richard Prause: 100% Amicus – at home and at WSA

He was one of the main actors at the presentation of the new AMICUS robot. Richard Prause, responsible for many medals as head coach of the German national team, AMICUS is a daily companion for his work as head coach of the Werner Schlager Academy. Richie Prause is also the father of two boys, Robin (12 years) and Julian (6 years), both are using AMICUS at home. “At least twice a week, my sons play “against the robot”. Since I am away a lot, it helps them to concoct some sort of training regiment”, he jokes. “My eldest son controls the settings and the younger sometimes makes an appearance in the exercises as well.” The boys use between 20 and 30 balls per exercise, out of the maximum of 60 available to top-level players. “I have tried out the robot extensively with my son to learn all the features and utilize them for each level of play.” All three models are suited to beginners and professionals alike and designed for realistic match experiences.

Sara Ramirez: Keeping up during my pregnancy.

Sara Ramirez lives in Paris and is happily expecting a baby. Since the fourth month of her pregnancy, she set up an AMICUS robot at home. “I have to train regularly, especially my forehand, to more or less keep my form during the pregnancy.” AMICUS is the perfect choice for the 26 year-old Ramirez, keeping her in touch with her profession, at home and at her own pace. The bronze medallist at the European Championships 2013 (in the doubles with her Butterfly partner Shen Yanfei) is keeping up with her training, focusing on Serve and return. “My Goal is to be ready for the next European Championships.” One of the numerous examples of players returning quickly from their pregnancy.


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