Of course even before 2013, Quentin showed great perfomances and caused upsets . But surely never before so many ” lucky shots ” and ” trick shots ” brought him that much attention and sympathies .

Not distracting his great development in World Class performance, let us have a look on some great examples of his ” art of table tennis ” . We think it is not only lucky shots , but absolutely a sign of creative play and self-confidence … do you agree?

Master of epic shots

No matter if against Kyril Barbanov from Belarus at the Kuwait Open, at the World Championships in Paris with his doubles partner Adrien MATTENET against German duo Franziska/Mengel or versus China’s YoungStar Yan An – in 2013 Quentin managed to play absolutely phenomenal shots under high pressure of competition. Far more than 2 million times his achievements have been watched on YouTube – a figure which the final games of the same competitions can only dream of .

Actually trick shots is kind of the wrong word. Those ” shots ” are not such ones that you would exercise and then present in show matches; they much more arise from the occasion of exciting momemts and tight scores during a match .

Have a look at the collection of Quentin’s epic shots:

A closer look on performance

Positioned no. 109 in the World in December 2011, Quentin ROBINOT was then close to enter the world top 100. In February 2013, he dropped down to 173rd place, finally ending the year 2013 at an attractive 95th Place World . Significant progress achieved largely due to his quarter-final entry at Euro 2013 and having reached two finals in the under 21 event of ITTF World Tour.

German Open 2013 : summary of the Under 21 final, facing Japanese Masataka MORIZONO

Swedish Open 2011 : summary of victory against Chinese MA Lin

Kuwait Open, against Kyril BARABANOV (Belarus): Shot behind the back, more than 2 millions clicks on YouTube


An interview with Quentin ROBINOT during European Championships 2013


Your recent performances have made you enter the World’s Top 100 …

At the beginning of September I had told my parents that if I can not make it into the Top 100, I would focus on my studies. I got into the Top 100 and I have reached the first goal. Now I’ll gather more points to see where they take me .

Retrospectively, how do feel about your quarter-finals at 2013 European championship?

Of course I played a great tournament in Schwechat considering the fact that I couldn’t prepare well for the competition with a hamstring injury. But with each match it was getting better and I recovered; the self-confidence was also back. This made me also play better at German and Swedish Open , where I was able to continue with a good level of game and confidence. In fact, I took benefit of the hard work I did during the summer.
How have you been treating your shoulder injury ?

It was caused by changes I made in my game recently. My shoulder did not become stronger in the same amount. I adapt my game now so I am sure it will get sorted out completely.

You seem in fact to stay closer to the table, more aggressive …

The coaches asked me to change and I realized, reviewing my matches, I would not be able to progress if I did not change things . I practice being more present at the table and win more short rallies . Topspins have always been my strength , but at senior level , all players are able to compete top spin to top spin. This means I have to work on new techniques and strong points in order to make my game more efficient.
What kind of strong points?

I’m more comfortable in service and return game now .  I’m more able to adapt to different situations , such as facing a left-hander . I’m on the right track and I hope it will continue like this.

How do you evaluate the two finals of Under 21 events, having lost the deciding game in both Germany and Sweden ?

Both times I had to deal with opponents whose profile I do not really like a lot . In Germany, it was against the Japanese Masataka MORIZONO, a left hander . And in Sweden, it was the Taipei HUNG Tzu-Hsiang , a right-handed penholder who plays very clever in the short game . But whenever trailing I  found the mental and physical resources to return strongly . Frankly, I am not frustrated for this reason .
Did you feel pressure befoe the final to qualify for Dubai Grand Finals?

Before the semi-final in Germany, it was Simon GAUZY who came to me and said : if you win you will be qualify for Dubai. It’s pretty cool to play this event together , we will support each other to be more efficient . And we will not meet in the group stage.

The results in the Under 21 competition are not considered for the qualification to World Team Championships 2014 in Japan. Are you worried about this selection ?

I do not want to think about this race . I must perform in my matches without asking too many questions. Whenever I exit the senior draw of a World Tour event, I absolutely try to do my best in Under 21. If my results and my commitment is good, then the selection will come.


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