ETTU Athletes Commission renewed for four years

During the elections of the ETTU (European Table Tennis Union) in October 2013 , following the resignation of Italy’s Stefano BOSI , the Athletes’ Commission has been renewed at the same time.

French Christophe LEGOUT with highest number of the votes, followed by Swede  Matilda EKHOLM , the only female within the quartet , Romanian Adrian CRISAN and Czech Petr KORBEL .

Are four players proudly wear the colors of TEAM BUTTERFLY . It has been a more than representative vote since more than 48 % of the players participated in the poll. Petr KORBEL chairs the commission , whose members are elected for four years .”It is a real pride to enjoy this trust and support from the other athletes “, says Christophe. ” Now , to be elected is one thing, but changing attitudes is another ! I intend to invest myself with 100% involvement , same as I ever did in my playing career. ”


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