Reaching the last 16 in the 2013 European Championship (defeated by Ruwen Filus, bronze medalist), Adrien Mattenet now finds himself ranked 52nd in the world. Still the French No. 1, he has to find the way to be back on the top. To reach his aim, he has scheduled an ambitious plan to train in Asia for the first half of 2014 .

In order to keep the license and so remain able to play the French national championships, Adrien MATTENET has recently found an agreement with the club ACBB (Boulogne-Billancourt, suburbs of Paris) which pay the very expensive costs for his transfers. He will not compete for this new club – which is actually playing in the 3rd national level – but Adrien is very grateful for the help of its president, Olivier TOUTIN. French fans will have the opportunity to see Adrien three times in January and February. Adrien will play the third round of federal Criterium (10 January in Joue-les -Tours ) and the French individual Championships (February 28 to March 2 ) in Mouilleron-le-Captif. Furthermore, his supporters will encourage him in Lausanne for the coming European Top 12 (from 7th to 9th February) .


After a short period in Pluederhausen , Adrien Mattenet was free of any contract . “It was my choice to play only for few matches because I wanted to benefit from long training periods in Asia. ” And he added : ” It was expected that I replace Aleksandar KARAKASEVIC in the first 2 months of the season. For me it was the opportunity to play matches, to discover the Bundesliga , to make time for the Team France and to refine my plan to travel to Asia. ”

After the European championships in Schwechat, Adrien also played two Challenger tournaments (add the link here : ) in Ochsenhausen and won 3rd place) . ” During these two Challengers, I played altogether 17 matches. Playing is what I prefer. I need to regain stability. ”


Starting the new year in Vittel for a training camp organised by the French association, Adrien will also prepare for the Top 12 and then play the Kuwait Open (12 to 16 February). And he will focus to prepare for the National French champion in Mouilleron-le-Captif, before leaving to Asia – his strong goal for many years.


Full four months in Asia

“I have had this goal since the end of the Olympics Games but due to the WTTC (World Table Tennis Championships) in France in May 2013, I couldn’t go to Asia for a long time. I am always available and ready to fight for the French national team which remains my priority. ” He will spent the entire month of March in China, in ZHANG Jike’s club, Qingdao Luneng . “I only want to try this human adventure to immerse myself completely in the Asian training and discover their philosophy. ” Adrien will move to Japan in April to prepare for the World Championships, ” If I am in the team. ” After the global Rendez-vous, he will be back on the  World Tour events in June (11 to 15 in Korea and 18 to 22 in Japan).

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