Tamara BOROS played the Olympics four times (1996 – 2008) and for seven years she was part of the world Top 10, a remarkable fact, considering the Asian domination . It has been exactly ten years since Tamara won the last European medal on a world championship when Werner Schlager also triumphed at Bercy. The best Croatian player ever hung up his racket in 2012 and is now part of the coaching team of  Werner Schlager Academy . At 36, she embarked on a new career with passion.


When did you decide to become a coach?

I considered stopping my career from 2008 because I felt that I was not strong enough to reach the level I expected. It is not easy for a professional player to say that it is nearing the end and it must stop . Especially when it’s been over 25 years that you live for table tennis and you love it plus posting some very good results.


How did the opportunity arise to join Werner Schlager Academy?

The first contact was in 2011. Mario AMIZIC , head coach of the WSA who asked me what my plans were after the 2012 London Olympics . I was so happy that he thought about me . It was a great honor. Before Í even played qualification for the Olympics, I began to project myself into the coaching.


It has been one year now that you’re based in Schwechat …

I’m working with good people and very good technique coaches who operate in an excellent atmosphere . So of course I have a great experience as player level, I have the opportunities to learn more about coaching . WSA is a great place to start as a coach.


How can you describe your everyday life in WSA?

I spend at least six hours a day in the WSA . We always begin with a small meeting to prepare for the practicse in addition to the big meeting every Monday morning . I coach the girls alongside Japanese coach Aya UMEMURA . With its Asian training, we can share our experiences and to give the best advice to players .


How do you develop your skills in your new job?

If I have a doubt, I seek advice from Aya or other coaches as Dirk WAGNER and Richard PRAUSE who are very experienced because they have worked with players from world top level . I love sharing experience and ideas with other coaches and I have learned my knowledge from them.


During the 2013 European Championship played in Schwechat, you were also part of the Croatian delegation …

I was the assistant of Neven CEGNAR . With the Croatian team , we aim to help our young players to qualify for the Olympics in 2016 or 2020 .


How is it different to invest throughout the year with players from other countries who are also opponents?

I do not think about it . WSA is a family and I do everything I can to help the players who train here . I followed the European championship in full and it’s nice to see the girls play in competition, including Daniela DODEAN , Andrea TODOROVIC and Sarah DE NUTTE who has improved very well. I note on my notebook the components to work on . When a Croatian player faces a WSA player I stay calm and I do not encourage …

What advice would you give young, ambitious Players?

In the end of last year, we took the chance to ask Tamara for a reply on exactly this question as video message:




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