Three years after having moved to Germany, Liam Pitchford is catching more and more attraction. Having reached the so far peak at German Open in Bremen in last November. Causing upset with four victories against higher ranked players Liam fought his way through to the quarter finals, before finding his master in Timo BOLL. This performance made him jump 64 places upwards in the World Ranking – all the way up to spot no. 54. With only 20 years of age he has emerged to a serious hope for the old continent.

Fptp: Rémy Gros

Foto: Rémy Gros

The Revelation in Gdansk

During past two years he delivered one surprising victory after the other. During European Champsionships 2011 in Gdansk Liam overcame Vladimir SAMSONOV, Alexei SMIRNOV, Dimitrij PROKOPCOV and Robert GARDOS, propelling himself into the Top 250 of the World.

“Poland will always remain a great memory for me. I played an exceptional event and could prove dangerous still being a Junior Boy. Especially beating SAMSONOV means that much to me, because Vladi has been an idol for me since I was young.

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Foto: Rémy Gros

In Berlin, he also gave various​ big performances in a row: YANG Zi (No. 81 ) , OH Sang- eun (No. 29 ), GAO Ning (No. 16) and Kenta MATSUDAIRA (No. 18) in a tournament where a large part of the best world table tennis was present. High up in the junior category (he was even # 1) , Liam Pitchford been stopped by the young French squad which won the medals in the European Youth Championships . “I got some good results but I was so erratic. My approach is much better today and I worked a lot with my fitness coach club. ” Liam is currently reaping the first fruits of his choice. By joining Ochsenhausen at the age of 17, he showed courage and a strong determination

He discovered table tennis at school

Everything went very quickly for the kid who discovered table tennis at the Chesterfield school. He started at a late age 9 years but quickly showed progress. “It is only from 16 years since I started training twice a day , in Sheffield. I lived just 20 minutes from the national center, it was convenient but there was no real opportunities to inprove without being in contact with high-level players . He continued: It was a big decision to leave England because I was still young. But I was obsessed with the idea of being better . ” His progress allows it to occupy a good position in a Bundeliga top club. ” In Ochsenhausen I found a completely different environment. I changed my way of playing and thinking. I think I became a different player . ”

After tasting the Olympics ” at home “, it is logically a strong goal to qualify for the 2016 edition . “It was a great honor to have participated in the Olympics in London. It was really great and it must inspire me to qualify for Rio. ” But before, we have the 20th edition of the Commonwealth Games, the appointment of the country under the supervision of Elizabeth II . In 2010, we won the silver medal in teams. India and Singapore are our main opponents, but we have a chance to do even better . ” In the 2010 final, thanks to his success to the Singaporian leader, England was leading 1-0…


ALAN_COOKEFirst Commonwealth Games, then Rio 2016

“We are obviously very pleased with the recent performance of Liam on the ITTF Pro-tour and we hope it will continue to grow this season. He works hard for a long time in the club and so is rewarded. He grew physically, technically and, more importantly, he has changed mentally. Many players can improve their fitness and technique but it is much more difficult at the mental level ” , says Alan Cooke , the new captain of the England Men’s team. “I followed Liam from the younger classes and I found that he really matured in recent months. I’m really looking forward to working with Liam and the male England team. I hope that the performance of Liam marks the beginning of future success !”

The “fighting spirit” is not the only trait of the British. But for those who saw Liam fighting on the field of play, this is definitely a virtue. “I obviously loved Jan-Ove Waldner when I was younger. He was a fantastic player but, among athletes , I admire Mohamed Ali who is a model for me. ” While listening to American rap, he does not deny the British music culture, especially the abundant creation from the bands of the Mersey . Being supporter of ” the Reds ” Liverpool, he also likes the Fab Four, the incarnation of their city: ” The Beatles even though it is old. ”

Alan COOKE – The organisation of high level of the Bristish Association (ETTA)

Former member of the England team (quarter finalist at single and double at the European Championships 1990), Alan Cooke is recognized and appreciated by others experts. Previously coach of the England women’s team for Euro 2013, he is now in charge of the senior team for the Commonwealth Games (20th edition, July 23 to August 3, 2014 in Glasgow, Scotland) plus the new role of captain of the men’s team in which Liam PITCHFORD is the clear leader.



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