Conditions of Participation

Conditions of participation for winning games

Participation to all winning games are governed by the following condititions of participation, which are considered accepted when sending a mail to participate in the current winning game.

The winning games are conducted by Tamasu Butterfly Europa GmbH, Kommunikationsstr 8, 47807 Krefeld, Germany (TBE) or in cooperation with exclusive distribution partners.

Participating persons have to be 18 years or older – minors can only participate with explicit consent of their parents or legal guardian.

To participate in the winning game, questions posted at the page of the winning game have to be answered and sent in to an email address provided on the page. Every participant is responsible for using his correct contact information.

Participation requires an answer to be sent in inside a timeframe posted on the page of the winning game, decided by the time of the incoming mail at TBE.

Should no contact information be provided or false information provided, TBE reserves the right to exclude participants.

Winners are contacted within 5 working days after participation via email

Deadline of the winning game

The deadline date of the winning game is stated on the page of the winning game.

Exclusion from the winning game

TBE employees or persons associated with TBE are excluded from participating.

Persons using means to manipulate the results (like sending multiple answer mails) are excluded as well. Possibly won prices can in such cases be claimed for return by TBE.

Intentional misuse of contact information will lead to exclusion.

Implementation and processing

Winners are contacted via email and will have their contact information (Name) posted on,,,, and/or the facebook page of our distribution partners. By particpating, the particpator confirms and accepts this use of contact infomation.

Should no response follow within 2 weeks, TBE reserves the right to select a different winner. The price is also denied should it not be possible to sent the winning price via post or shipping service within 3 months.

Winning prices are not depicted in the winning game – actual prices may differ in terms of colour, model or other factors.

Prices are sent to winners via post or shipping service. Shipping costs are carried by TBE, while taxes and customs fees are to be carried by the winner, should those arise.

In any case, winners are responsible to provide a correct address for shipping. TBE will not accept claims or fees based on incorrect contact information.

All claims have to be presented in written form within 2 weeks after confirmation of winning. All delayed claims or presented in other form than written will be dismissed.

Premature cancellation

TBE reserves the right to cancel the winning game prior to the official end, should technical or legal problems present themselves in a way that makes continuing the winning game difficult or impossible. TBE reserves the right to sue for damages, should a particpating party be responsible for such problems

Winning cash price


Receiving the price in cash money is excluded. Transferring the price to a different person is excluded.


To participate in the winning game, the provided data will have to be used and processed by TBE. With participating, participators express their consent that the data provided will be used by TBE to conduct the winning game. Revocing the use of this date can be done by contacting and informing as such. Data provided by participants will only be used for the winning game and not permanently saved or forwarded to parties not involved in the winning game.


By shipping the winning price, TBE’s legal responsiblity for the winning game is finished. TBE is not liable for claims or damages incurred by shipment or transport. TBE only accepts responsibilty for damages incurred by TBE prior to shipping. Errors and fallacies are reserved.


Other information


For legal disputes, place of jurisdiction shall be Krefeld, Germany. Should one or more segments of these terms become invalid, the terms of participation as a whole stay valid. The terms of participations may be edited and changed by TBE at any time without announcing.